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Jessica is doing so well after surgery, but this type of tumor is serious, and we know that this healing process will take time and focus.  Because it was a glioblastoma stage IV we will have to treat it quickly as these types of tumors almost always grow back.

Here's a glimpse of what we have navigated through so far....

In February this year Jess started having recurring headaches. They would come on real suddenly and were painful & debilitating. She has dealt with migraines before but after 2 weeks and no end in sight to the pain we moved to intervention....

An MRI at Anne Arundel Medical Center showed that the cause of the symptoms was a large mass in the right-front lobe of her brain.
(After getting the brain swelling under control, she was able to feel a little better.  Here is her brother, John, trying to get the knots out of her hair that formed after 2 weeks of lying in bed with debilitating headaches in preparation for her surgery.)

(A moment with her new nephew)
A close friend of the family helped refer us to Johns Hopkins Medical Center where the mass was removed on February 22, 2012 - coincidentally Ash Wednesday.

(with the buffalo that her niece Jetta brought her for good luck and comfort)

Here is the message Jessica sent out to our community right before surgery....
Hi Everyone,
 This is a message from Jessica. Sam has to type for me because I am lying in a hospital bed at Johns Hopkins Medical Center preparing for my operation this afternoon starting around 12-1pm. The procedure will last around 4 hours.
 Two weeks of intense non-stop cluster headaches landed me in the ER at AAMC where we discovered that I have a large tumor in my right frontal lobe.
I feel blessed to have a world renowned brain surgeon, Dr. Jon Weingart, helping me go through this experience. It's amazing that I live so close to the #1 neurosurgical facility in the county.

I'm emailing you this because I would be so grateful to have your healing prayers and positive thoughts in my corner as I go through this unique journey and recovery.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you, your love and support means the world to me.

(Going into surgery)
(right after surgery)

 She spent 1 night in Intensive Care and amazingly was walking around the next day. 

We came home to Annapolis the following weekend to rest & recover from the intense procedure.

(Home together)

(Present from Pilot before leaving for Houston)

(At the airport with Boo)

(Dinner at Whole Foods Houston)

(Amazing Suite at the Hyatt House in Houston - Thanks Frankie!!)

(Burzynski Clinic, 4/5/12)

(Praying for good luck)

(6 week MRI in Houston, 4/6/12)

(Healing Crystals)

(Day before PET Scan at AAMC, 4/11/12)

Thank You All for your prayers and Love~I truly feel held in the arms of Grace: 
Received the miraculous news that the PET Scan was clear!!!!!!!!!!! 
We just mailed the scan on to Burzynski today~
Next week we will have the definite update from the clinic.........


We got the call this week from the Burzynski Clinic and not surprising~the results were seen the same way.  I was SOOOOOOOOOOO nervous when Sam was on the phone that somehow we would hear that the initial clean reading had been off.  It was another wave of relief when I realized that all was still well in the brain! 
I am writing to share my most recent update:  Currently, I am unable to move forward with the antineoplaston treatment with Burzynski.  In order to even be admitted to the clinical trial~there has to be a visible tumor to treat. I am feeling incredibly Blessed to have this time to continue to self-heal and work with other protocols in order to manage this situation. I hope that I can continue to heal and never will need any antineoplaston treatment~although, Burzynski would be my absolute first choice should something shift.  I realize I am dealing with a very aggressive type of tumor and  it gives me great relief to know that  this fund is here providing security as I go about my days and live life.  Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.  May each of your prayers and kind thoughts be returned to you and Bless You Endlessly.  My Love goes out to You...


Fundraising Concert at the All's Music Room
Featuring Bob Sima!


(Jess with Cindy & Lee)


Silent Auction Starts at Ridgely Retreat!

(Silent Auction Preview w/Sam @ Ridgely Retreat)

(Antique Mother of Pearl Necklace donated by Bon Vivant Antiques - West Annapolis)

(Dinner at Level on West St - Still open at 10pm Sunday night!)


(Metropolitan Fundraiser)

(Thanks for a great event!!)

(Nancy, Damian & local artists)

(Krista - Stella & Dot)

(Jess & Becki)

(Jess & Marie)


(Costa Rica Drawing - "and the winner is.....")

Jessica wants to let you know just how much all of your thoughts & prayers 
have been gratefully received....

A Special Thanks to all of the Love & Support our Family, Community & Team of Healers has been blessing us with.....

Thanks for keeping up with our progress!

(card from her niece and nephews. They love their Aunt Jessica)


  1. Glad that you are doing better. Praying for you and your family. Be strong and get better! Lou Speer

  2. I love the photo journal so far...I was so grateful to be able to visit with you in the hospital prior to surgery and walked the surgery experience in my minds' eye as much as possible holding you close in my heart!

    Love, Love, Love, Jean

  3. I hold the vision of us laughing and sharing a dance....soon. I have you and Sam in my heart as you travel to Houston. I will be watching this blog to see what the needs are and really thinking of ways to generate massive cash:-)
    Thank you both for being so open with your thoughts, feelings, emotions and needs on this journey.
    Love, Light, Healing, Strength, Courage and Abundant Heath Be yours now & ALWAYS!
    Your BLiS sister,
    Lauren Kelly-Washington

  4. sending you both love as you journey, and with you ~ be strong, be honest with everything as you move ~ you CAN do this ~ here for you both, with love ~ Aileen Sabira

  5. Jessica....I love you so much and you took the best picture of me are so gifted and such a wonderful friend!!! I thank you for everything and will see you this summer!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! All my love to you and your family!!!

    Love you!!!

    Mike Mulhern

  6. My dear friend Jessica - I've been giving you your space to heal and recuperate these last few weeks - but I just want to climb through the internet and give you the biggest, most wonderful healing hug EVER. I am here for you both and working to spread the word of the current state of affairs throughout the community that helped bring us together. Please, please - let me know if there is ANYthing I can do, whether its as simple as coming to just sit with you in silence. I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for your strength. So much LOVE to you both, from so many people!!

    - Daniel M, Maya B, Mike Folk, Andrew Brunt, and so many others - we are holding you in the best light we have to offer.

  7. I ve read and heard of ayurvedic doctors in india healing ppl with any brain tumor! A lot of americans go to india or sri lanka to meet these healers because healthcare is very expensive in America! Also, ayurvedic healing has a lot od advantages over western medicine! Just a thought!!! Proof- watch the ayurvedic documentary in netflix!! I think it is your best bet to go to india

  8. Dearest Jessica and Sam,
    We are holding you both in the Light of Healing and Love. You have shared yourselves with the community at large and we reflect back that heart-felt appreciation and love for you both.

    I wish I could write the check that would take the burden of financial concerns away but I pray for the manifestation of that kind of support as well as the love and healing magic I CAN offer.

    So many people are holding the space for your healing, Jessica, that that is the only energy that is!

    Sending blessings,
    Rosemary Bredeson

    P.S. Do you know about crowd-funding on Indiegogo?

  9. Jessica,

    I just heard the news and I am so shocked and saddened that you are having to go through this. At the same time, I sit here knowing that if anyone can survive this disease, you can. You are an amazing, courageous soul. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for as long as it takes. Namaste, Michael

  10. Hey Jessica!
    We haven't met yet, but I've heard many wonderful things about you from Sam (and other Blackketter folks). I'm so sorry this is happening to you. It is really just awful. Sam is one of the best people in the world that I've ever met, or even heard about, so I know that you are in good hands. I saw your wedding pictures on facebook and they are absolutely amazing. It looks like scenes from a fairy tale and you both look truly happy. I hope that your trip to Houston is successful. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Allison Arnold

  11. Love and healing light to you both on this journey. You are strong and incredibly blessed.

  12. You should check with the state you live in for Medical Assistance Programs to cover the surgery, treatments & follow up care. Most states have funds available for people that need medical assistance & do not have health insurance. ...Also social security for $$$ because you are considered temporarily handicapped. I went through brain surgery but the tumor I had was benign & not the kind that grows back so it was a much different thing. Broccoli & Broccoli Sprouts are known to have lots of ingredients that fight cancer cells also... you might want to make them & lots of other foods that have antioxidents daily choices for meals... I said a prayer for your healing (the "Our Father", the only prayer you need to pray)...hopefully it is in HIS will to be done.

  13. Jessica, I know I don't know you that well despite having connected with both your and Sam's families at several points over the last 7 years. But as one of the people who really inspired and helped me begin my own healing journey from a life time of illness, I hold you in a special place in my heart. You are one of the people who taught me that there is a way to find true health, to never give up and never just take their word for it. We are in charge. We are the ones who seek the answers. We can find the healing we seek. This is what I wish for you. I pray that you find the healing you seek in whatever form it comes. And I will be happy to help in whatever way I can.

  14. You are all such amazing healing genius are we so blessed as to be surrounded by the light you all shine!? We are leaving the hotel shortly to meet Dr. Burzynski in the flesh, tty all soon, Love & Light!!

  15. May love and light surround you and now and always. Thinking of you. Positive Vibrations all around you.

    Casey Alls & Family

  16. Jess- I met you only briefly at your home for an ACN meeting. You are such a kind person and I'm so sorry that you and Sam are having to go through this. I know that your love for each other will keep you both strong and connected. Stay positive and my prayers are with you!


  17. You are both being securely held within the healing energy of many prayers. Love is strong. All is well. Hope you can feel it!!

    Nancy J. in Lewes, DE (Joan's mom)

  18. This is from Julia Preston

    Sweet Jesssica,

    I am so happy that you and Sam have created this blog so that those of us who know and love you can see you "up close and personal." The only thing missing is a hug, but for now, prayers will have to suffice. After watching the incredibly amazing video on Dr. Burzynski, I am absolutely convinced that you have made the best possible decision for yourself, and that you WILL overcome. I pray every day for your complete healing and for all of the money that you need to see it through. Nothing like a crisis to find out how many people love and support you, huh? Much love to you and Sam, dear Jessica. May you feel uplifted in the arms of comfort, peace, faith, and love. With much love, Julia - Team Group
    > Thanks for sending it on, Jean!
    > Love, Julia

  19. On my mind daily sweet Jessica...was just looking for a progress report this AM and so glad to see your new videos posted a few moments ago. I know this is all so UN-nerving and challenging to hold a calm center so KNOW that many of us continue to send love and space for healing in whatever that means for your highest good.

    LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE, Jean

  20. Jessica,
    Just heard the the news today. So sorry for all you have been through these past six weeks. My thoughts are with you and Sam. Sending love, and hugs, and gentle healing energy to you both. Made a donation. And will donate some of my healing services for the auction. Let me know how else I can help. It's been a few years since we've spoken, but I remember so fondly the times we spent in Annapolis, when I was in a bit of a shell-shocked place myself, and really happy to meet another soul-sister who radiated such healing energy with every word, and move and gesture.

    You are a beautiful lady, Jessica. Much, much love!


  21. Jessica and Sam- sending love energy, prayers, and light. Love you both very much. Will send money for as long as it takes. May cancel my trip to Germany and get my fare back and give more. That beautiful hug you gave at 20 Levassor still warms me.Your visit not so long ago, Sam also gives me hope and courage. I urge anyone reading this to tell everyone you know about this fund raising effort. LOVE YOU JESSICA AND SAM VERY MUCH !!! - Tom Nauer

  22. I've been away for a week and glad to see new pictures posted of the latest events and how well you are looking! Here is a virtual hug for both of you! ((♥))


  23. Darling Jessica, You are full of so much exceptional power! Your energy radiates about you like a living thing. Your aura is strong... let it shine, girl! I send you love, light, & courage during this challenging time. ~ Julie Blamphin

  24. Hi Jess,

    I am a friend of Chanda's.. I worked as a Patient Navigator with the American Cancer Society and Cancer Care NW for a few years. I would connect patients with resources to utilize throughout treatment (no charge transportation, lodging, prescription help) etc.. If you need help let me know.. I have a lot of info..

    Bless you

    Kristie Peters

  25. Jessica,
    Just found your blog. You have been through a lot but your beauty and energy does radiate. Stay positive and smiling. Please send our best to your Mom.
    The Clarks (Jacquie, Dave, Christin (Wostmann) and Mike)

  26. jessica, i just discovered this blog, and want to say: i still remember the first time i met you in nice, and the friendliness that radiated from you. though i knew you only briefly, your extremely strong spirit as a fighter shines through now, but your love for so many people radiates even more, and i'm sure is an inspiration to many people you may not even know. sending all positive, healing energy and prayers to you and your family, and a wish for you to have a long and peaceful journey.